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Letter from Mylo

A letter from Mylo


Welcome to MyloWrites! I’m Mylo, and yes, I’m a real kid. The idea for MyloWrites was all mine – it was born from an assignment given to me by my 7th grade English teacher. He told our class to create something, anything we wanted.  The only requirement was that it had to be related to English. I knew immediately that I wanted to do something using technology. 

I’m the guy who carries his computer everywhere. I love technology. Writing…not so much. I figured if I could combine something that I loved (TECHNOLOGY) with something that I dreaded (WRITING), then maybe I could create an awesome English project.

I got to work developing a new application to help kids write more easily. I had learned a bunch of really helpful writing strategies from my English teacher in 7th grade, and I figured if other kids could learn these strategies then their writing might improve, just like mine had. I wanted to share the important things I had learned that not only improved my writing, but also made the process so much easier. 

For example, I used to just jump right into writing assignments. I never planned what I was going to write. My teacher taught me that if I planned really well, and worked hard on my outline, then my paper would practically write itself. Let me tell you – planning saves a lot of frustration, and a lot of time!

My project turned out awesome – I definitely impressed my English teacher! Even better, my parents got so excited about my app that they decided to create MyloWrites to give every kid access to the writing tools and strategies that helped me develop into a confident and successful writer.

I hope you like using MyloWrites, and I hope it helps you feel great about writing!  :-)



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