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Tune into our conversations with learning specialists, support teachers and educational pioneers empowering students for the 21st century classroom. 

Episode 3: Championing Change with Dr. Barbara McKeon, Head of School at Broome Street Academy

Nicole Abesamis

In this episode, we chat with inspirational changemaker Dr. Barbara McKeon, Head of School at Broome Street Academy, a charter school for homeless and foster children in NYC. Barbara walks us through her journey to Head of School at BSA and how she has invested in her community to bring positive change.

Barbara McKeon Headshot.jpg

"Barbara has over 15 years of experience designing and implementing evidence-based practice in the field of education. An accomplished strategic planner, she successfully led two schools through the accreditation process. She also served as Director at the Aaron Academy, where she created the first middle and high school program in the MetSchools special education family of schools.  She has also been Head of School at the Cooke Center for Learning and Development, and was a founding director of Inter-Disciplinary Education Associates, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing both clinical speech and language services to underserved populations and training to education and health professionals. Prior to working in education, Dr. McKeon worked in speech therapy, developing the first speech therapy department for a local Home Health Agency and creating NAP (newborn awareness program) providing speech and language awareness training for first time parents." Source: BSA


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