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Tune into our conversations with learning specialists, support teachers and educational pioneers empowering students for the 21st century classroom. 

Episode 2: Learning Through Movement with Jesse Danger, The Movement Creative

Mya Dunlop


Here at MyloWrites, we’re huge believers in the power of movement. We’ve truly seen the positive impact of kinesthetic movement and how movement helps ingrain the learning process. That’s why we sat down with The Movement Creative founder and NYC Parkour Pioneer Jesse Danger. Jesse shares his words of wisdom about the learning process and how movement can challenge one to become better.  

Jesse's Headshot.jpg

Jesse Danger is the founder of The Movement Creative, a nomadic movement studio in New York City that blends the ethos and practice of parkour with skills and lessons from other movement disciplines, including movnat, yoga, calisthenics, martial arts, dance, crossfit, and more.

“I was one of the first practitioners of parkour in the United States, finding the discipline in 2004. I immediately connected with the underlying philosophy of "be strong to be useful" and brought that into every aspect of my life. My vision as a teacher is to help others embrace and be comfortable with self-growth through perpetual self-challenge. I believe in being present to the challenges life presents to you and in being strong enough to create the mental, physical, social, and temporal environments that will help you positively grow.” Learn more about The Movement Creative at


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