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With every purchase and paid subscription initiated by you, MyloWrites will donate one subscription to a student in need. You can read more about our buy-one, give-one model in this blog post.

Devoted to helping students from all demographics and educational levels, Mylo is committed to giving underprivileged students an opportunity to become more successful writers and writing quality essays.

Mylo is proud to announce that the first group of Give Back recipients will be selected from The Broome Street Academy (, a New York City charter school which serves high school students who are homeless or in foster care. At the discretion of the Headmaster or Principal, as with all Give Back subscriptions, the recipients will be selected by financial need, academic need, grade level, and course requirements.

Starting in the local community, Mylo’s goal is to expand the Give Back program nationwide to other schools and students. If you would like to nominate a school for selection, please email your recommendation, along with any details you can provide, to [email protected].

Thank you for supporting Mylo in his mission to make kids' lives easier, one essay at a time.