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"I introduced my son to MyloWrites and he loves it! So much that he told the learning specialist at his new school about it and now a bunch of kids are using it."
— A happy parent

“As an adolescent psychotherapist and the mother of a preadolescent, I regularly witness students’ anxieties around writing. MyloWrites is an innovative technology which offers a unique balance of developmentally appropriate, academically sophisticated support. It provides the structure to manage “blank page” anxiety which so often inhibits students’ creativity. MyloWrites fosters independence and promotes writing competence and motivation — a gift to any middle or high school student.”

— Dana Dorfman, Ph.D.

“MyloWrites is an innovative, developmentally sound and user-friendly app. Students will learn essential elements of essays and will immediately experience greater independence and confidence, further increasing their growth as writers. I highly recommend this app and urge teachers, tutors, learning specialists, administrators and parents to use MyloWrites.”
— Alice Mangan, M. Phil., M.S., Ph.D. 

“I just used MyloWrites for the first time to write my English paper, and I’ll never write a paper without it again. Usually when I’m assigned an essay it takes me FOREVER to outline, but with MyloWrites that time was cut in half. I’m so happy I found something that makes writing easier for me. MyloWrites is seriously awesome.”
— 8th Grade Student

“I used MyloWrites with my 8th Grade English class on our final literary essay of the year and loved it! 

MyloWrites made a huge difference in terms of my students’ confidence and ease with the writing process. Each step in that process was nicely laid out for them so that all they really had to do was go through the steps. MyloWrites kept them focused on one section at a time, and made the whole process go so much faster! Most of all, however, the program really helped the students to outline their ideas (it made this step much more manageable). Students can also track their progress as they go through and receive motivational messaging as they complete each step. This helped boost their confidence and kept them motivated to finish. 

I would highly recommend this program for any English teacher who hopes to make the writing process more accessible and straightforward for students.”

— Richard Douglass, 8th Grade English Teacher