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1. Simultaneous multilevel instruction

MyloWrites is designed to be used by students of diverse writing levels. Teachers love how easy it is to address individual needs in the moment while each student progresses through the writing process at their own rate.

2. Teaching the use of textual evidence

MyloWrites guides students through the process of selecting quotations from the literature they are writing about in an easy to use and clear layout. Teachers can use this structure as an anchor while teaching students to choose the best evidence to support their point.

3. Outlining

MyloWrites includes a ready to use outline form. Just skip straight to the outline step and use our templates to teach students to use this essential planning tool!

4. Constructing thesis statements

Writing a thesis statement remains among the most challenging of writing tasks to perform, and to teach. MyloWrites breaks this process down into component parts, and helps students learn to create an arguable thesis statement. The MyloWrites app can be paired with direct instruction and teacher modeling for maximally effective instruction of this challenging skill.

5. Ideation

MyloWrites separates the gathering of ideas and evidence from the construction of sentence and paragraphs. This evidenced based approach is enormously helpful to students who struggle to simultaneously generate ideas and explain in clear prose. This feature is available in both the Literary Response Essay and Everyday Essay platforms.

6. Getting Organized

MyloWrites employs numerous executive functioning supports in order to help students organize their writing assignments, develop time management skills, and follow tasks through to completion. Teachers love that MyloWrites breaks the essay down into sections to complete sequentially and sends such students reminders with due dates.