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Clip: How Parents Can Support Student Engagement

Built by educators. Inspired by actual student experiences. MyloWrites makes writing straightforward, efficient, and fun for middle and high school students. Start your 14-day trial now!


how can parents support student engagement, with dr. dana dorfman

Click below to hear Dr. Dana Dorfman explain the importance of
parent-student engagement
for academic success.

Parents are an integral part of their children's learning:

  • The frontal lobe of the brain is not fully developed in adolescence, letting emotions run on overdrive.
  • This is a vital time for parents to provide children with "guard rails."
  • Kids feel most motivated when they have self-confidence.

Parents are an integral part of kids’ learning experiences. We set the stage for them, and we convey our own confidence in them.
— Dr. Dana Dorfman


Featured speaker

Dr. Dana Dorfman
Child Psychotherapist, 
Private Practice

Dana is a psychotherapist with 20+ years of experience treating children, adolescents, and their families. She is a regular lecturer and workshop facilitator at public and private schools throughout NYC, and she is frequently quoted in parenting publications and websites. Most importantly, she is a mother of two who is passionate about rapidly evolving scientific research on human development.

  • Favorite book: "The Magic Years" by Selma Fraiberg
  • Favorite writer: Viktor Frankl
  • MSW and Ph.D., New York University

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No matter the subject or assignment, MyloWrites helps students become better writers.


Designed for daily use by students who need help with routine homework assignments and short written responses.

  • Students can use it for virtually any subject.
  • Flexible tool to plan, organize, & compose. 
  • Adaptable to any written school assignment.


Designed for use by students who need help with thesis-driven essays that require analysis of literature with quotations.

  • Ideal for use in English and History classes.
  • Outline and draft content step-by-step. 
  • Analyze and quote supporting evidence.

Built by educators & backed by research

MyloWrites promotes writing independence during crucial developmental stages of childhood.

MyloWrites is an innovative technology which offers a unique balance of developmentally appropriate, academically sophisticated support. It provides the structure to manage ‘blank page’ anxiety which so often inhibits students’ creativity. MyloWrites fosters independence and promotes writing competence and motivation — a gift to any middle or high school student!
— Dana Dorfman, Ph.D.
MyloWrites is an innovative, developmentally sound and user-friendly app. Students will learn essential elements of essays and will immediately experience greater independence and confidence, further increasing their growth as writers. I highly recommend this app and urge teachers, tutors, learning specialists, admins and parents to use it.
— Alice Mangan, M. Phil., M.S., Ph.D. (candidate)

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