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We launched our Movement and Writing Workshop

Nicole Abesamis

This summer, we launched in NYC our MyloWrites Movement and Writing workshop in partnership with The Movement Creative. Middle school students got one-on-one support from independent school learning specialist Sari Biddelman to build each student’s understanding of the writing process, master their writing skills for the everyday essay and strengthen their knowledge retention through movement.

Here at MyloWrites, we understand that movement is a powerful tool that supports the learning process. Learning through kinesthetic movement strengthens knowledge retention, helps students to focus during learning sessions, builds body awareness and mindfulness, and so much more. Our mission with these workshops is to build up the student’s understanding and confidence with writing while equally engaging them with movement through parkour.

Each session had two equal parts: first, a movement session that challenged their bodies and mind, second, a writing session that walked each student through each step of a literary response.

Beginning with a movement session, our team utilized the play of parkour to activate movement that would directly relate to the writing process in the following session. An example of that  was when students faced a parkour obstacle course where they were given the mission to label the obstacle course journey in the sequence of a paragraph: 1. topic sentence, 2. background, 3. introduction to evidence, 4. evidence, 5. analysis, 6. concluding sentence.

Once they’ve successfully completed labelling the parkour course in this order, students carried this knowledge into their next session by writing a paragraph.

During the writing sessions, Learning Specialist Sari gave each student 1-on-1 support, helping them understand the why behind each part of the essay process. She helped each student reduce personal anxieties towards writing by addressing any unique challenges they might be facing with learning in a classroom setting.

Our middle school students enjoyed and benefited from the intentional balance of learning through movement and the breaking down of the writing process. Our first summer workshop was a success!

We want to continue supporting each student to master the writing process by engaging them in a setting they are challenged both physically and mentally. Know we are hosting more summer Movement and Writing workshop this summer!

Interested in joining? If you’re in the NYC area and know a middle school student that would benefit from this immersive workshop, email us at [email protected] to join today!

Is your NAIS school innovating?

Nicole Abesamis

“So what I think schools need to be deliberate about is creating that innovative culture — being open to new ideas, trying things out.” - Tim Fish, Chief Innovation Officer, NAIS

We were inspired to share National Association of Independent Schools’ Chief Innovation Officer Tim Fish’s call for innovation to its network of independent schools, found in the latest NAIS’ issue.

Read the conversation here.

What stood out to us?

Tim Fish remarks “It’s not about fundamentally changing the mission of a school; it’s about looking and applying innovation and innovation practice to enhance the mission and to continue to become better at being who we really are.”

Being birthed at an independent school in New York City, we’ve designed our learning tool in partnership with the NAIS community.

With the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) publishing that at independent schools, 60% of students fail to achieve more than a basic writing ability, we are on mission to equip NAIS schools with the tools to support writing mastery.

Fish underscores “that there’s a huge opportunity for our schools (NAIS) because we have such independence and autonomy and creativity baked into our DNA. We can really be leaders not only for our schools but for education across the world.”

This pioneering mission has connected us with MyloWrites early adoptors, who include 5 of the leading independent schools in NYC and SF.

We're seeking NAIS schools that are ready to “build expeditionary teams that are inventing and working together to see the future of the school emerge.”

If this sounds like a goal your school is investing in, we’d love to learn more about what you are doing and collaborate on bringing writing excellence to every student! You can get in touch here.

LIVE NOW: MyloWrites Podcasts

Mya Dunlop

“Differentiation, either slowing down or speeding up gives the rest of the class this different perspective. It teaches empathy in a way that no other lesson really can.”

Our inaugural podcast is now available for Apple and Android devices!


In this episode, Sari Biddelman, Learning Specialist at an independent school in NYC, discusses her personal journey with learning differences, her supporting role in the classroom and her approach to teaching students at their own pace.

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