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What Does Writing Look Like in the Digital Age?

Stacy Rosenblum

The tools of writing have been in a constant state of transformation throughout human history. Writing implements and paper, which were once available only to the very wealthy, became widely available to most people during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Literacy instruction matched pace with the availability of writing tools until the majority of the world’s population was able to read and write. Communication technology (messenger, postal system, telegram, satellite, digital) also evolved as the demands for sharing our written words with the world increased.

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Oklahoma Lawmakers Battle Over AP U.S. History Curriculum

Stacy Rosenblum

State lawmakers are in debate over a bill, HB 1380, that proposes to eliminate funding for Advanced Placement level U.S. History courses in all Oklahoma public high schools. Proponents of the bill believe that the 2012 re-design of the AP U.S. History curriculum paints our nation’s history in a negative light. They’d like to focus on the victories and the glory of historical events which support their view of American Exceptionalism.  

For example, the bill suggests doing away with the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. Instead, it would emphasize the victories of WWI and WWI, as well as Manifest Destiny and the era of westward expansion.

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Should We Preserve Cursive Handwriting Instruction in Schools?

Stacy Rosenblum

Debate continues to simmer around the elimination of cursive handwriting instruction from the Common Core State Standards. Here’s what you need to know:

Arguments IN FAVOR of Teaching Cursive Handwriting:

1. Cursive penmanship is a cultural tradition that allows students to comprehend primary sources that are important to the historical study of our nation and our world. Could students read transcribed versions in print? Of course, but historians and archivists argue that the nuances of a handwritten document are lost in translation...

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