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MyloWrites Expands Platform, Introduces New "Everyday Essay" Writing Tool

Mya Dunlop

Next week, we will debut a new tool on the MyloWrites platform called "Everyday Essay". We designed the Everyday Essay for daily use by students who need help with routine homework assignments and short written response pieces. Students can use it for writing in any subject area, making it a flexible tool for planning, organizing, and composing responses to just about anything.

Everyday Essay maintains the best practices of our existing Literary Response platform. It guides students step-by-step through the writing process. Students begin by identifying the main idea of their assignment, then develop topic and detail sentences. Like the Literary Response platform, the Everyday Essay offers an "I can't think of Anything" feature. This tool directs students to extra resources where they can collect data about their topic. Editing checklists and in-app support help students write high quality responses.

A typical assignment in the elementary grades is to read a book or part of a book and then describe a favorite character. Many students have difficulty expanding their ideas into a well-developed paragraph. Instead, they might respond with only a sentence or two.  

Everyday Essay promotes elaboration by helping students identify main ideas and supporting details. It then helps students organize ideas into paragraphs with a clear conclusion.

MyloWrites is thrilled to launch this latest platform to our user with no subscription price increase. We look forward to more great writing in 2015.

Here's to writing well,

Mya and Stacy