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MyloWrites Reading List: Why is Writing Hard?


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MyloWrites Reading List: Why is Writing Hard?

Nicole Abesamis

What we’re learning about this month: Why is writing to hard?

Our team investigates “why is writing so hard?”. We gathered quick-and-resourceful reads will enlighten you on this question.

Check out our top reads with insights from Charity Thompson, a recent Elementary and Special Education graduate from NYU Steinhardt:

1. Why is writing so hard?, Oxford University Press

Quotes from the article: "Rather than expecting students to put all these skills together, we must consider how to break them up, practise them effectively and gradually combine them – on the journey of developing writing."
Charity’s thoughts: “I really like the teacher voice/perspective in this short read. The list of "things necessary to write effectively" was really compelling for me: when you see it all lined up, you can realize if a student is either missing one, three or five of those things, their writing really struggles.”

2. Teaching Writing or Editing Writing?, Edutopia

Quotes from the article: “Writing is hard work; teaching writing may be even harder work. The reward of teaching writing and not just editing papers, however, is each student who writes competently and confidently.”
Charity’s thoughts: “I loved this article because it highlights a major difference in the classroom: teaching strong editing skills vs. genuinely teaching strong writing as a skill. Personally, I‘ve learned more on the latter thought but this article does a great job of highlighting the need for ‘student experimentation’ in order to produce a strong and effective writing voice in students.”

3. 3 Keys to Teaching Kids to Write, US News

Quotes from the article: “Another benefit for educators who believe that students should write not just for teachers: computerized text files are easier to share with classmates, providing more opportunity for a real audience and feedback.”
Charity’s thoughts: “This one was a favorite of mine as it highlighted in the very first section of the article that students need to just write more. They showed statistics indicating students write less than 2 pages a week in schools. This quote summed it up for me: "Why so little writing? Graham hypothesizes that many English language arts teachers are more passionate about literature than teaching writing. But in surveys teachers often say they don’t assign more writing because they don’t have the time to read and provide feedback on frequent long assignments. I can sympathize with a high school English teacher who has 37 kids in her class.”

Know more resources on why writing it so hard? Share it in the comments below!