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MUST READ– The New York Times: “How Google Took Over the Classroom”


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MUST READ– The New York Times: “How Google Took Over the Classroom”

Nicole Abesamis

We wanted to share this timely article with you:

Natasha Singer, technology reporter covering digital learning at the New York Times in her article “How Google Took Over the Classroom” investigates how internet goliath Google transformed public schools across the country with their low cost technology, in only 5 years.

From Chromebooks dominating a previously Microsoft and Apple saturated market to the question of student’s security, Singer paints a detailed image of how edtech is quickly taking center stage in schools.

You can read the article here.

Quotes that stood out to us:

We help to amplify the stories and voices of educators who have lessons learned,” he said, “because it can be challenging for educators to find ways to share with each other.”
- Bram Bout on how Google in the classroom helps develop community and collaborate
‘Education is the great equalizer, and technology breaks down barriers between rich and poor students.’
- Jaime Casap on how technology creates equality in the classroom

Here at MyloWrites, we’ve been witness to the rapid evolution of the classroom as educators, students and parents.

With growing adoption of edtech in schools, the success stories shared in this article remind our team that we are building in the right direction, working amongst the digital revolution invested in giving every student an opportunity for success.

Keep posted in the coming weeks for new updates on how we’re improving MyloWrites to make writing even more simple and effective.

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