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Our Podcast with Dyslexia Quest

Virginia Pavlick

We are honored to share our newly released podcast with Dyslexia Quest! Our founder and CEO, Mya Dunlop, and lead Learning Specialist, Stacy Rosenblum, had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with dyslexia consultant Elisheva Schwartz to discuss learning differences, the writing process, and exactly how our writing application came to be.

The brainchild behind the entire company is truly Myles Dunlop, nicknamed “Mylo”. Myles struggled with dyslexia in school, particularly when faced with writing assignments. Mya recalls the frustration of feeling helpless in watching her son fight to get his creative thoughts on to paper, and remembers him saying “I have all of these ideas, I just can’t find the key that unlocks the part of my brain that gets those ideas out!". 

Enter Stacy Rosenblum- a learning specialist who actually has a degree in engineering. Stacy explains that she grew fascinated with applying the analytical problem-solving skills acquired through her engineering courses to students with learning disabilities and special needs. After seeing her peers work with only conventionally-developing children, Stacy was drawn to the challenge of figuring out the mental roadblocks in students who aren’t typical learners. Stacy was interested in helping these students unlock their strengths and make it through schools, since, as she says, “the odds are stacked against them”.

After working with Stacy and learning the tools for successfully writing essays as a dyslexic student, Myles was inspired to build an application to help others with the same problem. Through collaboration with Stacy and other advisors within the education space, Mya launched MyloWrites and began touching the lives of adolescents and teenagers who struggle with learning disabilities. 

Watch the full podcast here to learn more, and click here to read more about Elisheva and all that she does for the dyslexic community!