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5 Ways to Maintain Momentum Through the Holiday Season Part 2


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5 Ways to Maintain Momentum Through the Holiday Season Part 2

Mya Dunlop


Parents + Educators Give Their Take On How to Keep Students Motivated


The holiday break is here and we know it can be a bit more difficult for students to stay focused and motivated through the coming months. We’ve reached out to parents, educators, and students to get their methods and suggestions for refocusing and maintaining momentum.


1. Find Balance

There’s a fine line between procrastination and feeling completely overwhelmed by all the demands which are placed on us. The key to conquering both is to help your students or children walk that line and work effectively and efficiently.  

2. Create a Schedule

Co-creator of MyloWrites, Learning Specialist Stacy Rosenblum suggests helping your kids plan and organize all of their assignments that they must complete before the break. Then, help your child to consider how much time, as well as what resources must be allotted to each assignment.

3. Discuss Workload with Educators and Parents

Initiate open and honest conversations with your child about their workload. Acknowledge that managing multiple tasks simultaneously is very challenging, and continue to encourage and cheer on your child.  Most importantly, have realistic expectations for your kids in order to better assist them in the process.

4. Stay Dedicated

This one is simple. The work has to be done whether we want to complete it or not. We know it’s hard sometimes. So, rather than procrastinating, we encourage both parents and teachers to help students to set aside ample time to work every day. The demands are high this time of year, but it doesn’t last for long, and we all need to help our kids stay focused on the finish line.    


5. Be an Effective Support System

Parents, we have to effectively support our kids. The best way to do this is to act as to modulate our own stress and worry about how our kids are handling their school work.  If we escalate and become hysterical, we can’t be supportive.  Stay calm and steady, even in the face of frustration.