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5 Ways to Maintain Momentum Through the Holiday Season Part 1


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5 Ways to Maintain Momentum Through the Holiday Season Part 1

Mya Dunlop


Parents + Educators Give Their Take On How to Keep Students Motivated

With holiday breaks fast approaching it can be a bit more difficult for students to stay focused and motivated through the coming months. So, we’ve reached out to parents, educators, and students to get their methods and suggestions for refocusing and maintaining momentum.


1. Check-in, not Out

We talked to a group of students and contrary to popular belief they requested that they’d have more input from their teachers in between progress reports and report cards. We asked a high school senior, “What keeps you motivated?” and he responded by saying, “my teacher checking in on my progress and my teachers wanting to be involved in the process”.


2. Eyes on the Prize

The Holiday season is among us, and everyone is excited. Teachers we can use this to our benefit. If your students are excited about the Holiday season, channel that excitement into their work, and find ways to bring Holiday themes into your lesson plans.


3. Give A Little, Get A Lot

Our group of students stressed the desire to not have any school work while they are on break. But not all students have the pleasure of having no assignments over the break, but we have a solution to that problem. Parents, help your kids get their work done ahead of time by spending a little extra time completing homework and projects before their breaks begin. A little sacrifice here and there goes a long way!


4. Maintaining Stride

Parents and educators, this is the perfect time to remind students of all of the hard work that they have completed so far, but that there is still work to be done! The school year is not a sprint, but a distance race. That means it requires a endurance, consistency,  and a steady stride throughout the entire race.


5. Breaks are Beneficial

Everyone needs a break once in awhile, short breaks during the homework and learning processes are essential. We suggest involving your kids in their daily break planning. This allows them to plan according to their strengths and ultimately develop a sense of ownership over their plan.