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Summer Writing Contest: Enter to Win Great Prizes!


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Summer Writing Contest: Enter to Win Great Prizes!

Stacy Rosenblum

Are you a parent looking for a way to keep your child engaged in learning during the summer break? Lucky for you, MyloWrites wants to reward your kids for practicing their writing skills this summer. We’ve put together this great contest for kids in grades 3 through 12. All your little ones have to do is complete an essay using MyloWrites, submit it to the team along with the student's username at [email protected], and be entered to win an awesome prize!

Writing Contest Details

When: Now! The deadline is August 30, 2015.

Where: Anywhere! It doesn’t matter if you live in Albuquerque or Anchorage, you can access MyloWrites wherever you are this summer.

Who: Anyone between the ages of 8 and 18 years old is eligible to enter. Just encourage your child to write an essay on a topic of his or her choice (or any of the suggested topics listed further below) and enter to win!

What: Write one or more essays of at least 3 paragraphs each. Every essay counts as an entry in the contest. Complete all of the sections on the MyloWrites app and email us a copy of your completed essay and your username at [email protected].

Why: You'd like to help your child improve his or her writing skills using an easy-to-use, online technology, and you’d like for them to be rewarded for doing so!

Below are just a few of our essay topic ideas. Remember to use the MyloWrites app, complete all the sections, and email your completed essay and username to [email protected].

Suggested Essay Topics

Wait! Don't know exactly what MyloWrites is or does? Just check out the video! 

Addicted to The Walking Dead?  

  • Write a diary of a Zombie Apocalypse - what’s your strategy for staying alive? Where will you hide? What will you eat before you are devoured by crazed zombies?

Star Wars Fanatic?

  • Tell us about your favorite movie in the series and convince us that your choice is indeed the superior one.  

  • What do we have to look forward to in the upcoming movies? Do some research, read the books and give us your predictions for the new set of Star Wars movies.

Movie Buff?

  • Go see a summer blockbuster and write a review. Don’t give away the ending!


  • If you had a shopping spree at your favorite store what would you choose? Tell us some details about each item and why you chose each.

Crazy for sports?

  • What’s your favorite team? Tell us why.

  • Compare two teams - this could be a comparison of a current team and a team from the past, or 2 current teams, or 2 teams from the past. Maybe it’s your fantasy team?!

  • Predict the outcome of a game played between them and give us some highlights!

  • Invent a new sport. Tell us the rules, the objective, and why this sport should definitely exist.

  • Write a short biography of your favorite player. Tell us where s/he is from, how they got started, and details about their professional career. Make sure to include some statistics as evidence of the athlete’s greatness!

Can’t live without your video games?

  • Write an instruction manual for your favorite video game - imagine you are teaching someone who has never played before.

  • Write a descriptive essay about a MineCraft world you have created. Make sure to include vivid details so we can picture it in our minds. Tell us about the creative choices you made in making your world.

  • Compare and contrast 2 characters from Skylanders or MineCraft. What makes them similar? How are they different? How are these characters important to the game? Would the game be the same without them? Why?

Terms & Conditions: MyloWrites must have a minimum of 20 participants to announce the contest prize(s) and winner(s). Additional prizes will be added if more than 50 entries are received by the deadline of August 30, 2015.