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NYC Special Ed Collaborative


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NYC Special Ed Collaborative

Stacy Rosenblum

Recently, we were invited to present our webinar on Teaching Adolescents How to Write in the 21st Century to the members of the NYC Special Ed Collaborative. This unique organization provides special education supports to students, teachers, related service providers and administrators within over 170 charter schools in New York City.  

Often, the small size of charter schools, and their limited funding makes the initiation of a comprehensive and effective support plans for students with special needs particularly challenging. Yet, many charter schools in New York City have a strong commitment to inclusion for all students.  

The NYC Special Ed Collaborative is a member supported organization which provides access to training, consulting, professional development, and even technical assistance to their member schools. Collaborative member schools are provided with all the necessary assistance to develop a rigorous, inclusive and fully-compliant special education program.

School professionals, especially those who are working to deliver a high quality and consistent education to students with special needs have very limited time to engage in professional development. The NYC Special Ed Collaborative recognizes the precious time of teachers and administrators, and responds to this need by presenting numerous webinars for professionals to participate in real time, or view a recorded version later.

Our webinar, Teaching Adolescents How to Write in the 21st Century was presented by MyloWrites founding learning specialist Stacy Rosenblum, adolescent psychologist, Dr. Dana Dorfman, and charter school leader, Dr. Barbara McKeon. We examined the challenges faced by 20th Century educators as they teach 21st Century learners how to write with purpose, clarity, and confidence.  

MyloWrites was thrilled to have the opportunity to present to the NYC Special Ed Collaborative. Our webinar was designed specifically to address the concerns of teachers and administrators in using best practices in writing and technology. For students of the 21st century, technological fluency is a must, as are excellent written communication skills. MyloWrites supports the intersection of these skills. Our webinar examined how the cognitive and emotional growth of the adolescent student may be better understood in order to support students to develop new skills in writing.

If you missed this webinar and would like to view a recording, please take a look below or access it here.  

MyloWrites would love to present a professional development workshop on adolescent brain development and writing for your school or organization! Please contact us for more information.