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MyloGivesBack™ Gains Traction, Provides Low-Income Students with Free Access to MyloWrites Platform


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MyloGivesBack™ Gains Traction, Provides Low-Income Students with Free Access to MyloWrites Platform

Mya Dunlop

Inspiration for MyloGivesBack™

When Mylo created his writing app, his mission was to give students everywhere access to the high quality writing support he had received through tutoring. However, only a small percentage of kids are able to get direct support from tutors and learning specialists. From the day the platform launched, we’ve been eager to provide access to the MyloWrites platform to students from low-income schools and neighborhoods, in the U.S. and around the world.

MyloWrites was inspired by the social mission of the for-profit company Toms Shoes, whose founder Blake Mycoskie spearheaded the “one for one concept” business model. A new, free pair of shoes gets donated to a low-income child for every pair that gets sold retail. Using this model as inspiration, we developed the MyloGivesBack program.

For each subscription purchased, MyloWrites provides a free subscription for a low-income student in need. Essentially, each time a new user signs up for a paid account, they are providing a free account for someone of low income.

To date, we’ve provided free subscriptions to students of public and charter schools in New York City, and have recently begun to reach international students as well.

Broome Street Academy

The first free MyloWrites subscriptions were given to Broome Street Academy, a charter school in New York City which serves students who are homeless or in the foster care system. A class of 9th grade students with special needs were the first recipients. The platform has been successfully implemented at Broome Street Academy since the spring of 2014, and those students have demonstrated significant progress since then.

MyloWrites has passed the most important test with my students – they like using it! The fact that MyloWrites helps them do actual assignments for their classes really adds to their feeling that there’s a payoff for the time they spend using the app.
— Dr. Barbara McKeon, Head of School at Broome Street Academy

WhedCo and NYC Public Schools

Thanks to the strong support of our users, we’ve been able to provide the largest volume of free subscriptions so far to the students of Middle School 218 in the South Bronx. These students have access to MyloWrites through the affiliated afterschool program at The Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WhedCo), a community development organization which serves the South Bronx.

The partnership between M.S. 218, MyloWrites, and WhedCo is particularly special, since it allows students who may not have computers or Internet access at home to utilize MyloWrites outside of school hours in a safe and supportive environment.

Supporting West Africa

The most recent MyloGivesBack partnership is in the West African nation of Ghana, following a request from a humanitarian worker and former NGO director who specializes in teaching literacy to low-income communities.

We were able to provide free subscriptions to a small group of high school age students in Ghana who grew up on subsistence farms. They are determined to achieve their dream of attending University, and will be using MyloWrites to improve their writing skills in anticipation of applying.

We’re optimistic that MyloWrites could play an important role in helping them achieve their goal. We’ll be following their progress closely -- stay tuned!

Looking Ahead

There are thousands of students who can benefit from MyloWrites. If you would like to nominate a school or organization which serves underprivileged students to be the next recipients of some free subscriptions, please contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Photo Credit: Vivianna_love via Compfight cc