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The Challenges of Summer

Mya Dunlop

As we enjoy the waning weeks of summer, I continue to try to convince my boys to keep up with their daily reading and math practice. I try to maintain the delicate balance of their much needed youthful exuberance and a hint of grey matter maintenance. I explain that the stuff between their ears, like a muscle, needs exercise to maintain its fitness and maintain the progress they each worked so hard to achieve during the school year.

As delicate as I feel my approach is, by their responses, you would think the weight of the world has come crashing down upon them, crushing their glorious moments of freedom. So I explain that 40 minutes out of their 24 hour day won't kill them, and is very doable. Moans and groans ensue….

Children of all ages and academic abilities need gentle pushing and support both at home as well as in the classroom.

I came across a Time Magazine article of interest concerning teachers unions in New York City which I wanted to share with all of you.

In the spirit of great teachers everywhere, I share this article with you.  All of us at MyloWrites think it is extremely important to support every child individually, and help them find ways to express their areas of strength.  We admire teachers who are able to achieve this in spite of all the daily challenges they face.

Click on link to read:

Enjoy the rest of summer!

Mya Dunlop

(aka, Mylo's mom)